About Us

Coriolus Versicolor started out an information website collating the facts and research available about the Coriolus Mushroom, its extract and the properties, treatments and results associated with it. Most of the content we collated can now be found at www.healthvalleysupplements.com or www.healthvalley.co.uk .As sellers of a supplement product we are unable to say that it should be used to treat, diagnose or cure any ailment or disease so we gave our collated information, all of which is freely available online from their original sources, links to which you will find on the articles you read. We decided that our online marketing talents could be best served by trying to get the best product available on the market to as many people as possible.The website is funded through a commission on sales from Coriolus products listed on our site. We recommend Health Valley Maximum Potency Polysaccharide PSK/PSP because it offers the highest percentage of active polysaccharide that you can buy. Some products will not even list their active content and most can range from 10% -40% for ever increasing costs. Purchasing through this website will help us continue to raise awareness of the immense benefits of taking Coriolus as an immune system builder and we thank you in advance for your support.

Please  feel free to contact us with your stories and even send us video testimonial that we can help to get the message out there to the people who need it