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Health Valley Supplements are pleased to announce that sales of their immune system supplement, Coriolus PSK/PSP maximum strength are rising, due to the recent launch of the product on Amazon UK. The Coriolus Versicolor extract contains the highest percentage of active polysaccharide, the main active ingredient, and this the company says, is proving popular against competitors that use a lower percentage in their products.

A spokesperson for the company said; "We are extremely pleased with our last quarter results from Amazon UK. It's amazing that Coriolus polysaccharide is still virtually unknown in the UK when countries like Japan are using it so widely in their health service to help with immunity issues. We will keep plugging away until the public are aware of its many benefits."


Coriolus Versicolor has a long history in far eastern cultures as a medicinal remedy with ancient records showing its use going back thousands of years.

Coriolus versicolor, also known as Trametes Versicolor, Yun Zhi or Turkey tail is a mushroom of the Basidiomycelium class. History shows it being steeped in hot water and drunk as tea until extracts were develeoped in the late 20th Century. These extracts known are called polysaccharides and are known as PSK, polysacchharide Krestin and PSP, polysaccharide peptide.

Both polysaccharides contain, (as indicated in their name), long chain sugar Beta Glucans, specifically, β-1,4 main chain with β-1,3 and β-1,6 side chains and are one of the most highly researched of all the medicinal mushrooms. So much so, that spending by Japans health insurance reached nearly 25% of its cancer treatment budget. (approx $1 billion).

Reseach papers into the ffects of Coriolus run into the hundreds with some of the most influential hospitals in the western world acknowledging the positive effects to immunity.

Here are quotes from some of their websites;

"The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center performed an extensive human studies literature review of coriolus versicolor and found twenty-four studies relevant to cancer. After an in-depth review of the available literature, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center reported that PSK is a “promising candidate for chemoprevention due to the multiple effects on the malignant process, limited side effects and safety of daily oral doses for extended periods of time.”

NIH, National Cancer Institute

"Coriolus versicolor extract has been shown to stimulate the production of lymphocytes and cytokines, such as interferons and interleukins, and may exhibit antioxidant activities."

Memorial Sloan Kettering

"PSK and PSP, polysaccharide compounds isolated from Coriolus, were shown to improve immune function in patients with certain cancers when used along with chemotherapy."

"To stimulate the immune system
Studies in animals and human volunteers suggest that PSK might stimulate the immune system."


"Coriolus mushroom, PSP, and PSK are used for stimulating the immune system; treating herpes, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), hepatitis, and pulmonary disorders; reducing phlegm; improving bodybuilding results; increasing energy; curing ringworm and a skin condition called impetigo; treating upper respiratory, urinary, and digestive tract infections; curing liver disorders including hepatitis; reducing the toxic effects and pain of chemotherapy and radiation therapy; increasing the effectiveness of chemotherapy; prolonging life and raising the quality of life of cancer patients; and increasing appetite."

Coriolus Versicolor PSK/PSP Maximum Strength is available in the UK from Amazon UK and worldwide from The Coriolus Versicolor website where discounts can be found for multiple bottle purchases.


Health Valley Supplements are manufacturer and distributor for Coriolus Versicolor PSK/PSP Maximum strength. For more information please visit and to purchase visit Amazon UK or The Coriolus Versicolor website.


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